Nanobots Therapeutics

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A biomedical company focused on developing and commercializing
MotionTx, a unique proprietary technology platform

Nanobots is a biomedical company focused on developing and commercializing MotionTx technology platform, our proprietary discovery engine for a new class of medicines with unprecedented delivery capabilities.

We’re utilizing MotionTx platform to design, engineer, and develop novel therapeutic candidates with unique properties to cross biological barriers and accumulate in target cells.

Nanobots initial pipeline is focused on oncology and has the potential to transform the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases with high unmet medical need

The company is a spin-off of ICREA and IBEC and is the result of the research led by Prof. Samuel Sánchez.

Our science is pioneering the development of MotionTx platform, a new modality of medicines with unique properties to penetrate tissues and accumulate in target cells. What is MotionTx?   

New Modality

Novel class of drugs with unique tissue penetration capabilities

Platform Technology

Can carry a variety of drugs for different therapeutic indications

Targeted Delivery

Allow crossing biological barriers and selectively target cells

Swarming behavior and in vivo monitoring of enzymatic nanomotors within the bladder
Ana C. Hortelao, Cristina Simó, Maria Guix, Sandra Guallar-Garrido, Esther Julián, Diana Vilela, Luka Rejc, Pedro Ramos-Cabrer, Unai Cossío, Vanessa Gómez-Vallejo, Tania Patiño*, Jordi Llop*, Samuel Sánchez*.
Sci Robot, 2021 Mar 17;6(52)

Enzyme-Powered Gated Mesoporous Silica Nanomotors for On-Command Intracellular Payload Delivery
Antoni Llopis-Lorente, Alba García-Fernández, Nerea Murillo-Cremaes, Ana C. Hortelão, Tania Patiño, Reynaldo Villalonga, Félix Sancenón, Ramón Martínez-Máñez,* and Samuel Sánchez*.
ACS Nano 2019, 13, 12171−12183

Targeting 3D Bladder Cancer Spheroids with Urease-Powered Nanomotors
Ana C. Hortelão, Rafael Carrascosa, Nerea Murillo-Cremaes, Tania Patiño,* and Samuel Sánchez*.
ACS Nano 2019, 13, 429−439

MotionTx Platform will benefit patients by improving the accumulation of therapeutic drugs in target cells.


Bladder Cancer

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Colorectal Cancer


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Samuel Sánchez

Academic Founder & interim-CSO

Marc Ramis Castelltort

Co-Founder (interim management)

Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda

Co-Founder (interim management)

Andrés G Fernández

Co-Founder (drug development advisor)

Daniel Oliver

Co-Founder (strategic advisor)

Isaac Cabezas

Co-Founder (finance advisor)

Dr. Antoni Vilaseca


Dr. Jordi Llop

Medical Imaging

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